Annual General Meeting
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2014-06-09 00:56:00
This years Club AGM will be held on the 22nd June at The Laura Trott Leisure Centre between 5pm and 6pm.

We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to attend as ultimately this is your club and we would like you to have a say in how it’s run.

We are always looking for people to help out so if you think you can help, even in the smallest way with the running of the club, please speak to any member of the committee or the coaching team.

We hope to see you there.


Chairman - Paul Wollaston

Vice Chairman – Mark Nelson

Secretary – Suzanne Bailey

Treasurer - Karen Armitage

Vice Treasurer – Jenny Griffin

Head Coach - Paul Wollaston

Welfare Officer – Evelyn Pope

Club Champs Coordinator - Clare Pawson

ASA Registration Officer – Sophie Lush

Tadpole Coordinator - Ryan James

Open Meets Coordinator - Alan Martin

Nomination of officials need to be with Suzanne by 15th June 2014.


Click HERE for the nomination form.


As a club we do rely on the goodwill and help of parents. There are a lot of things that need to be done behind the scenes and the more parents who are willing to help then the better it will be for the swimmers.


Annual General Meeting

22nd June 2014  5pm-6pm

The Laura Trott Leisure Centre, Cheshunt 

1. Minutes of Previous AGM

2. Minutes arising from Previous AGM meeting

3. Hon Secretary’s Report

4. Hon Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of Officers

6. Head Coach’s Report

7. Any Other Business

8. Date of Next Meeting


  Cheshunt Storm Into Major League Division One Success
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2014-02-25 00:53:00
Cheshunt Swimming Club celebrated their success after winning promotion into Division 1 of the Herts Major League. Swimmers competed in all 3 rounds of the league, coming 2nd in the first round and topping the leader board in the next. The final round saw some stiff competition and Cheshunt fought hard, finally winning their well, deserved,promotion to the 1st division!

Major League Final 2014

Amy Riddick kicked off the evening coming 2nd in the girls Open 100m freestyle with a time of 1.06.00. Helping the girls out was Emily Lush who, with a time of 17.87, came 2nd in the girls U12 25m backstroke. Following this was a trio of exciting 1st places. Tegan Wollaston, in the girls U16 1oom butterfly, swam 1.12.25, Lewis Pope flew into 1st in the boys U16 100m butterfly with a time of 1.05.28 and Emily South swimming 1.26.44 in the girls U14 100m breaststroke. Continuing the fantastic swims was Daniel Lush in the boys U14 100m breaststroke with a time of 1.22.44, coming in 2nd. The girls U16 100m freestyle saw Emily South in 3rd place, 1.06.16. Also stepping up to the mark was Callum Wollaston in the boys U14 50m butterfly, coming 2nd,34.09. The relays were next and the boys came 3rd in the open 4x 25m medley relay, next were the girls coming 2nd in the U16 4x 25m medley relay. Then came another 3rd from the U16 boys in their medley relay and a 1st from the girls in the U13 4x 25m freestyle relay. Another 3rd came from the U14 boys in their freestyle relay.

 Major League 2014 Runners Up

More individual swims followed, Liam Nugent finished 3rd in the boys Open 100m breaststroke, 1.20.15. Tegan Wollaston was up next, swimming 100m backstroke and coming 2nd in the girls U16 age group with a time of 1.16.38. Yet another trio of 1st places followed; Emily South in the girls U14 100m freestyle, 1.04.97, Daniel Lush, for the boys, in the U14 100m freestyle, 1.01.69 and Tegan Wollaston in the girls Open 100m butterfly, 1.11.19. Not to be outdone by the older swimmers, Emily Lush and Zane Batt competed in the U12 25m freestyle. Emily came 1st, 15.47 and Zane 2nd, 16.03. Next up Holly Atkins swam the girls U16 100m breaststroke, finishing 2nd, 1.27.31. Lewis Pope continued the U16 breaststroke swims finishing in 1st place, 1.18.03. Megan Pope then came 3rd, 1.20.34, in the girls U14 100m backstroke. Rounding up the success of the league were the final relays. Coming 2nd were the girls Open 4x25m freestyle relay, the girls U16 4x25m freestyle relay, boys U16 4x25m freestyle relay and the girls U14 4x25m medley relay. One of the highlights of the evening had to be the final race, the Squadron relay, a race where all age groups come together in a freestyle relay. Zane Batt, Daniel Lush, Chris Armitage, Liam Nugent, Emily Lush, Emily South, Tegan Wollaston and Amy Riddick powered through to win 1st place! There were some amazing swims in the league including some great Major League debuts from Taylor Coe, Anastasios Karameros, Ellie Clark, Millie Clark, Michael Gavartin, and Kye Rozasty.


  Arena League Round 3 - Final
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2013-11-11 00:50:00
Cheshunt Swimming Club stormed into 1st place in the final round of the Arena League, in Borehamwood on Saturday. Swimmers put in a stunning performance, clocking up many PBs and top 3 final race positions. Millie Donavan opened the evening with an easy 1st place in the Ladies Open IM with a time of 2.36.22 and the clubs success continued from there. The 13U Medley relay saw Megan Pope, Holly Atkins, Courtney Burke and Emily South finish in a close 3rd. Next came the older girls in the 15U 4x50m Freestyle relay, bringing home 1st place was Millie Donavan, Olivia Pawson, Tegan Wollaston and Emily South. The boys 15U 4x50m Freestyle relay was an exciting race which saw Lewis Pope, Chris Armitage, Wallace West and Daniel Lush finish in 2nd. Olivia Pawson, Millie Donavan, Kerry Ranger and Amy Riddick also came 2nd in their Ladies Open Medley relay. Emily Lush and Zane Batt both put in excellent times for the 9 – 11 yrs 50m Backstroke, Emily’s time of 39.90 gave her 3rd and Zane’s 40.78 brought him home in 1st place. The 13U 100 Breaststroke followed with Holly Atkins 1.28.72 seeing her nicely into 2nd. A strong 15U 100 Backstroke from Oliva Pawson gave her 1st place with 1.12.19. Tegan Wollaston came 2nd in the Ladies Open 100 Fly with a time of 1.12.28. Megan Pope was next for the girls and competing in the 13U 100 Backstroke came in 3rdwith 1.21.35. Millie Donavan came in 1st once again with a time of 1.13.35 in the 15U 100m Butterfly.

Arena League Round 3 2013 - Final

Lewis Pope followed this with a 2nd place in the boys 15U Butterfly and a time of 1.08.11. Two more 2nd places followed in the Open Backstroke, Olivia Pawson producing a time of 1.12.22 for the ladies and Alex Moss 1.06.43 for the men. The Wollaston’s came next with Callum coming 2nd in the 13U 100m Butterfly, 1.20.44 and Tegan coming 1st in the 13U freestyle with a time of 1.05.22. Emily Lush swam in the 9-11yrs 50m Freestyle and came 3rd with a time of 33.98. Emily South and Daniel Lush competed in the 13U 100 Freestyle both swimmers stormed into 1st, Emily with a time of 1.06.32 and Daniel with a time of 1.02.63. The 15U 100 Breaststroke saw another great swim from Millie Donavan coming 1st with 1.25.42. Lewis Pope swam in the boys 15U 100 Breaststroke and came 3rd with a time of 1.18.28. Amy Riddick came into 3rd place in the Ladies Open 50m Freestyle with a time of 1.05.95. the evening saw another 1st place in the 13U 4x 50m Freestyle relay which was swum brilliantly by Emily South, Megan Pope, Alara Norton and Courtney Burke. Yet another 1st place came from the 15U girls in the 4x 50m Medley relay which saw great swims from Olivia Pawson, Alara Norton, Tegan Wollaston and Millie Donavan. The Boys also swam well in the 15U 4x 50m Medley relay coming in 3rd was Chris Armitage, Lewis Pope, Wallace West and Daniel Lush. The final exciting 1st place of the evening went to the girls in the Ladies Open freestyle relay from Olivia Pawson, Tegan Wollaston, Millie Donavan, Kerry ranger, Emily South and Amy Riddick.


  Arena League Round 1
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2013-10-30 00:48:00
Cheshunt Swimming Club got off to a fantastic start during the 1st round of the Arena League on Saturday. The trip to Clissold Park included swimmers Courtney Abrahams, Chris Armitage, Courtney Burke, Ellie Clarke, Millie Clarke, Taylor Coe, James Duke-Smith, Ben Fitts, Anastasios Karameros, Oliver Knipe, Daniel Lush, Emily Lush, Alara Norton, Lewis Pope, Megan Pope, Ryan Ranger, Wallace West & Tegan Wollaston who clocked up a total of no less than 36 personal best times between them. Swimming for the very first time with the club was Michael Lenahan, who only joined in September. Lenahan swam in Arena League Round 1 - 2013the boys 13U medley relay and the boys 13U Freestyle relay and did a great job for his team. Lewis Pope’s butterfly saw him achieve 2nd place in the boys 15U with a time of 1.08.21, so did Olivia Pawson in the ladies open 100 backstroke, 1.10.92. Millie Donavan put in an impressive 2nd place in the 15U’s 100 freestyle 1.04.72 and also achieved 2nd place in the girls 15U 100 breaststroke with a time of 1.24.97. Stand out swims of the night were Daniel Lush who stormed into 1st in the U13 boys 100m breaststroke with a time of 1.23.98 and 1st again in the 13U 100m freestyle with a time of 1.03.48. Olivia Pawson did not disappoint coming 1st on the girls 15U 100 backstroke with 1.11.34. Tegan Wollaston swam in the 15U butterfly coming 1st with 1.14.16. Head coach Paul Wollaston commented “The first competitive outing of the year saw some excellent swims. I was really impressed by the team spirit and the younger swimmers experiencing their first time in the Arena League”. They now look forward to an exciting next round on November 9th.­

  Regional Qualifying Times 2014
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2013-09-09 00:46:00
As you have all noticed, the Qualifying times for BAGCATs & Youths for the 2014 Championships have been tightened up. This has been done to control the numbers of swimmers qualifying as the events are getting bigger every year and are now at the point where we are struggling to accommodate everyone that qualifies. We were keen to avoid the situation where swimmers achieve a qualifying time but are then rejected from the competition due to it being over-subscribed.

This year, times for 12-14 year old BAGCAT swimmers have been set at 106% of the National Qualifying times using the National Short Course times as the baseline. For the 11 year olds we have used the 11/12 year old Long Course time and for the 10 year olds we have used the same difference from the 11 year olds as was used for the 2013 Regional Championships.

All Youth times have been set at 107% National Qualifying times using converted Long Course times as the baseline. Converting the Long Course times gives us a slower baseline time hence some of the Youth times are slower than the 14 year olds – particularly for the girls. The 50m form events are all based on the National Open Time – this is the only time available.

These times have been agreed by the Technical Swimming Committee in light of the fact that we recognise we have to reduce the number of swimmers, particularly in the BAGCAT Championships (hence the different percentages).

We decided to run our competitions at a set off-set from Nationals in order to preserve the integrity of the events as Regional Championships. At present we do not want to adjust times to fit a set number of swimmers in for each event as we feel that undermines the quality of the competitions.

We are looking at alternative ways of setting QT’s and have set up a subcommittee to look into this for 2015 and beyond.

ASAER Technical Swimming Committee.





  Most Improved Swimmer Of The Year
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2013-08-19 00:45:00
Every year the club awards trophy sheilds to swimmers who the coaches think have improved the most. Read more HERE.

Most Improved Swimmers 2013/2014


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