East Region Open Water Championships 2015
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-09-05 22:59:18
Early morning on Sunday 19th July, 12 intrepid swimmers set off for Norwich to compete in the Regional Open Water Championships.

Cheshunt has one of the largest team entered and first up was Tegan in the 3k event.  After her success at the Welsh Open water Championships she was up against a strong field from the east Region.  After the 1st lap (of 3) she was sitting in 3rd place a few seconds behind the leading 2 swimmers.  Despite her efforts on the next 2 laps she could not close the gap finishing in an excellent 40min 23 sec putting her 3rd in the Region and 2nd in the County.

The 800m was the next race with Aaron Pickard, Taylor Coe, Rosie & Zane Batt, Chloe Burko-Boateng, Eleanor Turpin, Megan Pope, Alara Norton Stewart Fixter & Daniel Lush all competing in their first ever open water event.

In the 11/12yrs age group strong swims from Taylor & Aaron saw them finish 10th & 13th place respectively with Chloe in 15th place & Rosie in 22nd place in the girls event.  Zane Batt went even better in the age group by claiming 3rd place in the Region and 1st in the County, an excellent result for him.

Cheshunt had 3 girls competing in the 13/14yrs age group with Eleanor coming home in 11th position Megan in 8th position and Alara again in her first open water event coming away with a 3rd place in the County competition and 4th in the Region.

In the older 15/16yrs age group 1st timer Daniel Lush set off very strongly in the 800m event.  By the time he was coming into the finishing funnel he was leading and just held off a strong finish from the 2nd place swimmer.  Again Cheshunt has a Regional and County Champion with him not only winning the age group but also the Junior & Senior trophies as well.


The final swimmer in the water was Callum Wollaston in the 1500m event.  Again a strong swim saw him finish in 16th place in the Region U17 age group and 4th in the County competiton.

Not only did the rain stay away but the sun was spotted at times during the day.  The Cheshunt swimmers came away from the day with lots of excellent swims and hopefully the will to want to enter again next year as warm weather has been booked again…!


  East Region Open Water Championships Update
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-07-21 01:28:00
Well what a weekend for Cheshunt Swimming Club. We had our largest number of entries into the Open Water Championships with some of the entries swimming in open water for the first time. In the Boys 800m 11/12 age group Aaron Pickard finished 13th in the Region, Taylor Coe finished 10th in the Region and Zane Batt finished 1st in the County & 3rd in the Region. In the Girls 800m 11/12 age group Chloe Berko-Boateng finished 15th in the Region and Rosie Batt finished 22nd in the Region. In the Boys 800m 15/16 age group Daniel Lush finished 1st in the County & 1st in the Region.

In the Girls 800m 13/14 age group Alara Norton finished 3rd in the County & 4th in the Region, Megan Pope finished 8th in the Region and Eleanor Turpin finished 11th in the Region. In the Boys 1.5K 12/16 age group Callum Wollaston finished 16th in the Region. And in the Girls 3K 13/16 age group Tegan Wollason finished 2nd in the County & 3rd in the Region. It was a great day of swimming and our swimmers showed their determination and professionalism and did themselves and the club proud. We are still waiting on the rest of the County placings and will let you know as soon as we have them. A huge well done to all of you and a great end to the season...!!!


  AGM Meeting
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-06-20 01:27:00
Annual General Meeting

This years Club AGM will be held on the 21st June at The Laura Trott Leisure Centre between 4.15pm and 6pm.

We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to attend as ultimately this is your club and we would like you to have a say in how it’s run.

We are always looking for people to help out so if you think you can help, even in the smallest way with the running of the club, please speak to any member of the committee or the coaching team.

We hope to see you there.



Annual General Meeting

21st June 2015  4.15pm-6pm

The Laura Trott Leisure Centre, Cheshunt


  1. Minutes of Previous AGM


  1. Matters arising from Previous AGM meeting


  1. Hon Secretary’s Report


  1. Hon Treasurer’s Report


  1. Election of Officers


  1. Head Coach’s Report


  1. Any Other Business


  1. Date of Next Meeting


  Cheshunt Peanuts Swim Strong
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-06-13 01:25:00
Saturday 6th June 2015 saw our youngsters take part in the 2nd round of the Peanuts League where they were up against Harpenden, Hitchin, Hertsmere Flyers, Hatfield B and Ware. The competition was strong and Cheshunt team finished 5th on the night, where just 5 points separated 3rd and 6th place!

During an exciting race an excellent last 10 metres saw Aaron Pickard pick up our first win of the night, boys U/11 Freestyle, with a time of 16.55. This success was followed by Ela Norton, girls U/12 Breaststroke (20.55) and Emily Lush, girls U/13 50m Backstroke, (35.84) and the 50m Freestyle, (31.29), both girls having comfortable wins. 

2nd place finishes came from  Jake Evans, boys 9 Years Freestyle, (17.52), Zane Batt, boys U/13 Backstroke, (37.00), Ben Crossman, boys 9 Years Backstroke, (24.35) & Sinran Misir, girls 9 Years Breaststroke, (25.56). Just missing out on first place were our 8 x 25m Squadron team of Sinran Misir, Jake Evans, Dayna Shepperson, Aaron Pickard, Millie Clarke, Taylor Coe, Emily Lush and Zane Batt who competed in a very exciting race.


Other good swims, showing their hard work in training, came from Millie Clarke, girls U/12 Backstroke, (19.18), Taylor Coe, boys U/12 Backstroke, (19.61), Anastasios Karameros, boys U/13 Breaststroke, (45.55) & Butterfly, (42.18), Ben Brookman, boys U/12 Freestyle, (17.18). Together with Dayna Shepperson, girls U/11 Breaststroke, (25.04), Victoria Townsend, girls 9 Years Freestyle, (22.78), Josh Horner, boys 9 Years Breaststroke, (31.64), Evie Grattan, girls U/13 Butterfly, (46.46), Emilia Gitev, girls U/11 Butterfly, (27.29) & Jack Pym, boys U/12 Breaststroke, (23.61)

There was also improvement on times from the previous round for Aimee Williams, girls U/13 Freestyle, (16.81), Ashlee Willett, girls 9 Years Backstroke, (27.63), Rosie Batt, girls U/12 Butterfly, (19.33) Hugo Connolly Harding, boys U/13 Freestyle, (35.53) Tara Safavi-Zadeh, girls U/11 Backstroke, (23.46), William Brookman, boys U/11 Backstroke, (24.01) & Rohan Misir, boys U/11 Breaststroke, (24.21).

Assistant Head Coach Richard Walker said “It was a good night overall from the swimmers and the final placing on the night did not reflect how they swam. Some errors and disqualifications set us back in what was a tight finish between 6th and 3rd place. Looking towards the 3rd round on the 4th July, with a full team to choose from I am confident that we will be able to improve a lot more”.


  Regional Championships 2015-Weekend 2
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-25 01:23:00
A good start to the first day of the 2nd weekend of the East Regional Swimming Championships.

Full write up to follow at the end of the weekend but here are the results so far:

Day 1

Zane Batt -  100m Backstroke finishing 6th in a time of 1:17.42 and making the final. 100m Backstroke Final Zane finishes 8th in his age group with a time of 1:17.67

Chloe Berko-Boatang - 50m Butterfly finishing 7th in a time of 33.51 and qualifying for the final. 200 Breaststroke finishing 8th in a time of 3:09.91 and again, qualifying for the final. 50m Butterfly Final Chloe finishes 5th in a time of 32.97 and in the 200m Breaststroke final finishes 8th in a time of 3:13.39 in her age group.

Alara Norton - 200m Breaststroke finishes 9th in a time of 3:00.02 with a new Long Course PB.

Callum Wollaston - 200m Butterfly finishing 10th in a time of 2:37.92 and making the final. 200m Butterfly final Callum finishes 8th in a time of 2:42.94

Adam Bailey - 50m Freestyle finishing 27th in an amazing sub 30 sec time of 29.30


Day 2

Adam Bailey - 400m Freestyle finishing 10th in a time of 4:53.33. 100m Freestyle finishing 15th in a time of 1:03.78.

Callum Wollaston - 400m Freestyle finishing 5th in a time of 4:43.83. 50 Butterfly finishing 19th in a time of 31.02

Chloe Berko-Boatang - 100m Breaststroke finishing 7th in a time of 1:28.53 and making the Final. 50m Freestyle finishing in 27th with a time of 31.67. 100m Breaststroke Final finishing 6th in a time of 1:28.61.

Alara Norton - 100m Breaststroke finishing 11th in a time of 1:23.76

Zane Batt - 200m Backstroke finishing 10th with a time of 2:50.35.


Day 3

Teagn Wollaston - 800m Freestyle finishing 2nd with a time of 9:32.52 and a Silver Medal.

Callum Wollaston - 1500m Freestyle finishing 4th with a time of 18:32.46. 100m Butterfly finishing 12th with a time of 1:09.19. 200m Freestyle finishing 12th in a time of 2:19.25.

Zane Batt - 50m Backstroke finishing 17th in a time of 37.70.

Chloe Berko-Boatang -100m Butterfly finishing 8th in a time of 1:16.23 and qualifying for the final. 50m Breaststroke finishing 12th in a time of 41.80. 100m Butterfly final finishing in 8th position with a time of 1:17.01.

Alara Norton - 50m Breaststroke finishing 10th in a time of 38.07.

And that's the end of a fantastic weekend of swimming. Well done to all our swimmers who took part.


  Fundraising - Bag Packing
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-19 01:21:00
Huge thanks are due to every single one of you who helped at the Bag Packing Fund Raising event on Saturday at Tesco Brookfield Centre.

Jackie & Taylor Coe

Zane Batt

Sophie, Daniel and Emily Lush

Evelyn and Megan Pope

Suzanne and Adam Bailey

Mark and Courtney Burke

Emily South

Tegan and Callum Wollaston

Anne-Marie & Paul Wollaston

Annette and Aaron Pickard

Robert, Lesley and Holly Atkins

Joanne and Eleanor Turpin

LaDawn, Chloe and Andrew Berko-Boateng

Also, big thanks to Annette who couldn't get enough of it and came back for the afternoon session!

We were all very striking in our orange club colours and the store staff said how well behaved and helpful the children were.

So….thank you very much for giving up your time, it really is very much appreciated.  It’s fantastic that we were able to again raise the profile of the club and we have had lots of enquiries from people interested in our lessons and joining the squads too.

With kind regards

Claire Pawson

Cheshunt Swimming Club


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