Cheshunt Peanuts Swim Strong
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-06-13 01:25:00
Saturday 6th June 2015 saw our youngsters take part in the 2nd round of the Peanuts League where they were up against Harpenden, Hitchin, Hertsmere Flyers, Hatfield B and Ware. The competition was strong and Cheshunt team finished 5th on the night, where just 5 points separated 3rd and 6th place!

During an exciting race an excellent last 10 metres saw Aaron Pickard pick up our first win of the night, boys U/11 Freestyle, with a time of 16.55. This success was followed by Ela Norton, girls U/12 Breaststroke (20.55) and Emily Lush, girls U/13 50m Backstroke, (35.84) and the 50m Freestyle, (31.29), both girls having comfortable wins. 

2nd place finishes came from  Jake Evans, boys 9 Years Freestyle, (17.52), Zane Batt, boys U/13 Backstroke, (37.00), Ben Crossman, boys 9 Years Backstroke, (24.35) & Sinran Misir, girls 9 Years Breaststroke, (25.56). Just missing out on first place were our 8 x 25m Squadron team of Sinran Misir, Jake Evans, Dayna Shepperson, Aaron Pickard, Millie Clarke, Taylor Coe, Emily Lush and Zane Batt who competed in a very exciting race.


Other good swims, showing their hard work in training, came from Millie Clarke, girls U/12 Backstroke, (19.18), Taylor Coe, boys U/12 Backstroke, (19.61), Anastasios Karameros, boys U/13 Breaststroke, (45.55) & Butterfly, (42.18), Ben Brookman, boys U/12 Freestyle, (17.18). Together with Dayna Shepperson, girls U/11 Breaststroke, (25.04), Victoria Townsend, girls 9 Years Freestyle, (22.78), Josh Horner, boys 9 Years Breaststroke, (31.64), Evie Grattan, girls U/13 Butterfly, (46.46), Emilia Gitev, girls U/11 Butterfly, (27.29) & Jack Pym, boys U/12 Breaststroke, (23.61)

There was also improvement on times from the previous round for Aimee Williams, girls U/13 Freestyle, (16.81), Ashlee Willett, girls 9 Years Backstroke, (27.63), Rosie Batt, girls U/12 Butterfly, (19.33) Hugo Connolly Harding, boys U/13 Freestyle, (35.53) Tara Safavi-Zadeh, girls U/11 Backstroke, (23.46), William Brookman, boys U/11 Backstroke, (24.01) & Rohan Misir, boys U/11 Breaststroke, (24.21).

Assistant Head Coach Richard Walker said “It was a good night overall from the swimmers and the final placing on the night did not reflect how they swam. Some errors and disqualifications set us back in what was a tight finish between 6th and 3rd place. Looking towards the 3rd round on the 4th July, with a full team to choose from I am confident that we will be able to improve a lot more”.


  Regional Championships 2015-Weekend 2
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-25 01:23:00
A good start to the first day of the 2nd weekend of the East Regional Swimming Championships.

Full write up to follow at the end of the weekend but here are the results so far:

Day 1

Zane Batt -  100m Backstroke finishing 6th in a time of 1:17.42 and making the final. 100m Backstroke Final Zane finishes 8th in his age group with a time of 1:17.67

Chloe Berko-Boatang - 50m Butterfly finishing 7th in a time of 33.51 and qualifying for the final. 200 Breaststroke finishing 8th in a time of 3:09.91 and again, qualifying for the final. 50m Butterfly Final Chloe finishes 5th in a time of 32.97 and in the 200m Breaststroke final finishes 8th in a time of 3:13.39 in her age group.

Alara Norton - 200m Breaststroke finishes 9th in a time of 3:00.02 with a new Long Course PB.

Callum Wollaston - 200m Butterfly finishing 10th in a time of 2:37.92 and making the final. 200m Butterfly final Callum finishes 8th in a time of 2:42.94

Adam Bailey - 50m Freestyle finishing 27th in an amazing sub 30 sec time of 29.30


Day 2

Adam Bailey - 400m Freestyle finishing 10th in a time of 4:53.33. 100m Freestyle finishing 15th in a time of 1:03.78.

Callum Wollaston - 400m Freestyle finishing 5th in a time of 4:43.83. 50 Butterfly finishing 19th in a time of 31.02

Chloe Berko-Boatang - 100m Breaststroke finishing 7th in a time of 1:28.53 and making the Final. 50m Freestyle finishing in 27th with a time of 31.67. 100m Breaststroke Final finishing 6th in a time of 1:28.61.

Alara Norton - 100m Breaststroke finishing 11th in a time of 1:23.76

Zane Batt - 200m Backstroke finishing 10th with a time of 2:50.35.


Day 3

Teagn Wollaston - 800m Freestyle finishing 2nd with a time of 9:32.52 and a Silver Medal.

Callum Wollaston - 1500m Freestyle finishing 4th with a time of 18:32.46. 100m Butterfly finishing 12th with a time of 1:09.19. 200m Freestyle finishing 12th in a time of 2:19.25.

Zane Batt - 50m Backstroke finishing 17th in a time of 37.70.

Chloe Berko-Boatang -100m Butterfly finishing 8th in a time of 1:16.23 and qualifying for the final. 50m Breaststroke finishing 12th in a time of 41.80. 100m Butterfly final finishing in 8th position with a time of 1:17.01.

Alara Norton - 50m Breaststroke finishing 10th in a time of 38.07.

And that's the end of a fantastic weekend of swimming. Well done to all our swimmers who took part.


  Fundraising - Bag Packing
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-19 01:21:00
Huge thanks are due to every single one of you who helped at the Bag Packing Fund Raising event on Saturday at Tesco Brookfield Centre.

Jackie & Taylor Coe

Zane Batt

Sophie, Daniel and Emily Lush

Evelyn and Megan Pope

Suzanne and Adam Bailey

Mark and Courtney Burke

Emily South

Tegan and Callum Wollaston

Anne-Marie & Paul Wollaston

Annette and Aaron Pickard

Robert, Lesley and Holly Atkins

Joanne and Eleanor Turpin

LaDawn, Chloe and Andrew Berko-Boateng

Also, big thanks to Annette who couldn't get enough of it and came back for the afternoon session!

We were all very striking in our orange club colours and the store staff said how well behaved and helpful the children were.

So….thank you very much for giving up your time, it really is very much appreciated.  It’s fantastic that we were able to again raise the profile of the club and we have had lots of enquiries from people interested in our lessons and joining the squads too.

With kind regards

Claire Pawson

Cheshunt Swimming Club


  Annual General Meeting
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-19 01:20:00

This years Club AGM will be held on the 21st June at The Laura Trott Leisure Centre between 4.15pm and 6pm.

We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to attend as ultimately this is your club and we would like you to have a say in how it’s run.

We are always looking for people to help out so if you think you can help, even in the smallest way with the running of the club, please speak to any member of the committee or the coaching team.

We hope to see you there.


Chairman - Paul Wollaston

Vice Chairman – Mark Nelson

Secretary – Suzanne Bailey

Treasurer - Karen Armitage

Vice Treasurer – Jenny Griffin

Head Coach - Paul Wollaston

Social/Fundraising Secretary - Vacant

Welfare Officer – Evelyn Pope

Club Champs Coordinator - Clare Pawson

ASA Registration Officer – Sophie Lush

Tadpole Coordinator - Ryan James

Nomination of officials need to be with Suzanne by 14th June 2015.

Click HERE for the nomination form.

As a club we do rely on the goodwill and help of parents.  Currently the Social/Fundraising Secretary position is vacant and would welcome parents who are willing to help to talk to any of the committee.  There are a lot of things that need to be done behind the scenes and the more parents who are willing to help then the better it will be for the swimmers.

We are aware that the committee is made up of parents of older swimmers and it would be good to see parents of younger swimmers eventually continuing the job they do in running the club.  With this in mind we are particularly looking for a parent of a younger swimmer to join the committee as a Junior Squad Rep, someone to liaise between the committee and parents, to distribute and collect forms.  Please speak to a committee member or email Suzanne at if you think you could commit to this role.


  Cheshunt Swimmers Storm Peanuts Squadron Relay
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-10 01:19:00
Saturday 9th May saw Cheshunt Swimming Club youngsters make an excellent start competing in the 1st Round of the Peanuts League where they were up against swimming clubs; Hatfield B, Hoddesdon, Tring, Welwyn and Hertsmere Flyers. Following a good campaign last year, our swimmers made a promising start by coming home in a very credible 3rd place, in what was a very competitive gala.

The 1st round saw Peanuts League debuts for Hugo Connelly-Harding, Evie Grattan, Dayna Shepperson, Evie Brown, Emma Lenahan, Tara Safavi-Zadeh,  Sinran Misir, Ashlee Willett, Woody South, Ben Crossman, Jake Evans & Josh Horner.

The first win that we achieved came from Aaron Pickard (Boys U/11 Freestyle, 16.53), this was then followed by Mille Clarke (Girls U/12 Backstroke, 19.28), Jake Evans (Boys 9 Years Freestyle, 17.93), Sinran Misir (Girls 9 Years Breaststroke, 26.66), Woody South (Boys 9 Years Breaststroke, 23.96).


Peanuts Round 1 Squad 2015

We also saw strong 2nd places from Anastasios Karameros in the (Boys U/13 Breaststroke, 44.22), Emily Lush (Girls U/13 Backstroke, 36.78) Zane Batt (Boys U/13 Backstroke, 36.78), Taylor Coe (Boys U/12 Backstroke, 19.90 & U/12 Butterfly, 19.47), Ben Brookman (Boys U/12 Freestyle, 16.97) & Chloe Berko-Boateng (Girl U/13 Butterfly, 33.53).

Other strong swims also came individually too for Aimee Williams (Girls U/12 Freestyle), Rosie Batt (Girls U/12 Butterfly), William Brookman (Boys U/11 Backstroke), Dayna Shepperson (Girls U/11 Butterfly), Emilia Gitev (Girls U/11 Breaststroke), Tara Safavi-Zadeh (Girls U/11 Backstroke), Ben Crossman (Boys 9 Years Backstroke) and Ashlee Willett (Girls 9 years Backstroke).

There was also success for Cheshunt, in the relays, for Jake Evans, Woody South, Ben Crossman & Josh Horner (Boys 9 Years Freestyle and Special Relay) and Aaron Pickard, Rohan Misir, William Brookman & Woody South (Boys U/11 Freestyle Relay) who finished 1st retrospectively. Second place finishes came in the relays for Taylor Coe, Aaron Pickard, Ben Brookman & Peter Lenahan (Boys U/12 Freestyle Medley Relay) , Emily Lush, Chloe Berko-Boateng, Evie Grattan & Mille Clarke (Girls U/13 Medley Relay), Zane Batt, Anastasios Karameros, Taylor Coe & Hugo Connelly-Harding (Boys U/13 Freestyle & Medley Relay).

The highlight of the night had to be our 8 x 1 Mixed Squadron Relay team consisting of Sinran Misir, Woody South, Evie Brown, Aaron Pickard, Millie Clarke, Taylor Coe, Chloe Berko-Boateng & Zane Batt who stormed to a fantastic first place finish.

It was an excellent night for all the swimmers involved and with another 2 rounds to go we can only get stronger from this result. It was especially pleasing to see some of the swimmers in their first club gala and we hope that this experience will be a huge encouragement for their future galas.

Round 1 Finishing Places: 1st Hatfield B 141pts, 2nd Tring 150pts, 3rd Cheshunt 160pts, 4th Hoddesdon 176pts, 5th Hertsmere Flyers 195pts, 6th Welwyn 205pts.


  Cheshunt Trio Shine At Regional Championships
Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-05 01:17:00
Last weekend saw the East Region Championships held at the Inspire pool in Luton.

Cheshunt Swimming Club had 3 qualifiers for the weekend, who between them took part in over 20 events.

First up was Tegan Wollaston in the 400m Freestyle in which she set the bar high, with a personal best time of 4:41.07, finishing 7th fastest – in the region - in the 16yrs age group. No time to rest as Tegan was straight back in the pool in the gruelling 200m Butterfly again coming away with a strong time of 2:36.17 as well as qualifying for the evening final.

Session 2 saw Olivia Pawson and Daniel Lush enter the fray.  Olivia recording a very strong 200m Backstroke time of 2:30.60, which qualified her for the evening finals in 4th place.  Daniel opened his account with an excellent PB of 58.32 in the 100m Freestyle.

Session 3 saw both Tegan & Olivia hold onto their 6th (2:34.84) and 4th (2:31.32) places respectively in the 200m Butterfly & 200m Backstroke finals.  Megan Pope &Alara Norton made the trip to Luton (as the youngest competitors) for the 4x100m Freestyle relay.  Strong swims from all 4 girls saw them finish in 10th place over all.


Regional Squad Weekend 1 2015

The following morning saw all Daniel, Olivia and Tegan back in the water.  This time it was Daniels turn for the 400m Freestyle.  A strong swim from Daniel saw him dominate the race and he was able to mark up yet another excellent PB of 4:38.26. Another fantastic swim from Olivia saw her qualifying for the 50m Backstroke final in a time of 32.78 and Tegan finished 16th in the region for the100m Butterfly with a time of 1:11.88.

Continuing their busy day the afternoon session saw Tegan in the 400m Individual Medley with Olivia in the 100m Freestyle.  Both girls swam excellent races with Olivia in 13th place with a time of 1:04.15 and Tegan just outside the medals in 4th with a time of 5:30.20. The club also entered the 4x200m Freestyle Relay with Megan and Alara joining Tegan & Olivia.  It was really good experience for the team as out of over 20 clubs taking part in the championships only 2 others entered teams. Alara & Megan have 2 more years in the age group which will stand them in great stead for the future.

The finals session saw Olivia finish a credible 7th in the 50m Backstroke with a time of 32.93 and also saw the 4 girls compete in the 4x100m Medley Relay finishing 5th in their heat.

Monday was the final day of the Championships and saw all 3 Cheshunt swimmers back in action. Daniel competing in the 200m IM and the 200m Freestyle where he again achieved PBs in both events finishing in 15th (2:28.23) & 12th (2:08.66) position in a very competitive age group. Tegan completed her championships with another final in the 200m Freestyle finishing in 7th place in a time of 2:15.33.  Not to be outdone Olivia managed to reach the final in both the 200m Individual Medley as well as the 100m Backstroke.  She came 8th in the 200m IM final in a time of 2:36.51 and left her best performance until last with an excellent PB of 1:09.05 and 4th place in the 100m Backstroke.

Next up for Cheshunt swimmers is the 11-14yrs Regional Championships at the end of the month in Norwich.  The club has it biggest contingent of swimmers for many years with a total of 8 swimmers qualifying to compete against the best in the East Region.


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